Beautiful organic linen and hemp/organic cotton fleece or Terry face cleansing wipes / pads . I use these in conjunction with our linen wipes to cleanse my face. This linen is a medium weight and has just the right amount of texture to gently exfoliate without being harsh in the skin. The hemp/organic cotton fleece OR Terry is beautifully soft and absorbant.

These face pads come in the following combinations: 
Organic Linen/Hemp Terry
Organic Linen/Hemp Fleece
Hemp Terry/Hemp Fleece
Hemp Fleece/Hemp Fleece

These wipes are approx 10cm square and in a set of 6. Rinse after each use and can be gently machine washed in cool or warm water.

The postage of your Oh Hello Henry order is carbon offset through Greenfleet Australia who plant native biodiverse forests. And a donation is also made to Carbon8, who are helping Australian farmers who wish to transition to a regenerative farming model. Rebuilding the soil, Getting carbon back in the ground, improving diversity, improving profits & improving farmers wellbeing.

Oh Hello Henry parcels are posted using recycleable and/or home compostable packaging, please dispose of the packaging appropriately and help keep our footprint light.At the end of their (very useful & long!) lives, Oh Hello Henry products are compostable! If you pop a bread bag in your worm farm or compost bin you will find all that remains are the sewing threads. These are easy to identify and remove from your compost bin. 
Goods are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks (but most likely less time!). This allows me to produce less waste and reduces the amount of dead stock as well as allowing for the inevitable delays of juggling a young family & business.

Reusable Face Wipes