Combining two of our most popular products; the bread bag and the bowl covers we now have a great set for any bread baker or cook on your christmas list.


The set includes, one linen bread bag and two bowl covers, one for a bowl dimension of approx 15cm - great to cover a starter jar and the second fitting a bowl with the dimension of 24cm or a large glass bowl.


Choose from three colour as shown in picture two; blue, copper or grey.


Bowl covers are a double layer of 100% linen and enclosed elastic.


Bread Bags help to keep your bread fresher for longer by keeping it in our organic linen bread bag. Or use as a generously sized, reusable produce bag. For use as a bread bag: cut bread as needed, store cut side down and wrap bag around remaining loaf. Linen has long been used to store bread due to its moisture absorbing properties, it is durability, hypoallergenic and feels beautiful. Bag measures approx 34x 28cm (excluding drawstring), has French seams so no crumbs getting caught up inside.


Goods are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks (but most likely less time!). This allows me to produce less waste and reduces the amount of dead stock as well as allowing for the inevitable delays of juggling a young family & business.

Bread bag & bowl cover set